What happens when you have no willpower or self-discipline?

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That said, and assuming that you want to reverse your life and succeed via self-determination and discipline, the question is ‘how’. The answer lies in Edward Deci’s and Richard Ryan’s studies of human behavior and their self-determination theory. Its premise is that people actively want to grow and function at optimal levels. To do so, they posit that three innate and universal psychological needs must be satisfied:

  • Autonomy: The ability to determine, control, and organize one’s behavior and goals to be in sync with values and interests;
  • Competence, the skills to learn and master challenging tasks; and;
  • Relatedness, the need to feel attached to others and experience a sense of belonging, security, and intimacy.

You are the only person who can decide if you do, can, or want to meet those needs. If you can’t, you might seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. I am not either. All I know is that you are wasting your life and I hope that you do not want to, and that I have helped you to do a one-eighty. Good luck.



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