What did you give up in life that surprised you that it made you more happy?

Pete Geissler
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I loved ’em. Then my doc put me on a pill that went to war with Big Booze in favor of Big Pharma. In fact, booze and this dastardly pill put me to sleep and in a spin, akin to a hard knock on the noggin. That’s the bad news, and here’s the good…

I became a wine wacko — seems that my pill can live happily with lower alcohol content per ounce — , just a few sips at any one sitting, and only the really good stuff that I can afford now that I imbibe so little and savor it so much. There’s more good news….

I discovered a passel of like-minded wackos who are eager to share their latest discoveries of a particularly fine vintage. For example, a prominent physician — whose motto is “a few sips a day keeps me away” — called to ask if I would share a bottle of the good stuff that he had discovered while tripping through Napa. One-phone call, an hour of pleasant sipping and chatting, a new lease on life. (I confessed to him that I feel better after a bit of wine and he replied with taste of sardonic humor, “no beans.”)

A psychiatrist friend notes that nothing except sex is so good for you psychically and physically as good wine, and a friend/entrepreneur extracts a bottle just about every day from his collection of more than a thousand. Is he the ultimate wacko?

W.C. Fields once said that it was a woman who drove him to drink and he never had a chance to thank her. I play with his words: It was a doctor who drove me to wine, and I have never thanked him, fearing that he will forbid my newest passion.

Shhhh… It’s our secret.

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