Many in my circle of friends, clients, and associates have asked me: ‘what happened after you were divorced?’ My answer: All I got was ecstatically happy (easy after shedding the primary source of unhappiness), and modestly affluent (also easy after shedding a major expense).

These same people then decided that…

Would you rather choose a job that provides visibility and networking with senior executives in a large public company or a job that pays 30 percent more but is much more standard and has less networking opportunities?

It depends on your finances at the moment and your ambitions for the future. If you need more cash now, take the higher paying job; if you don’t and can plan for the longer term, take the other.

Seneca, the Roman philosopher and statesman who lived more than 2000 years…

Pete Geissler

Our portfolio has grown in a few short years from one author and three books to five authors and 27 books! Join my journey for Empowerment.

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